Monday, June 30, 2008

November 8

Well a lot has happened recently. We are booked to travel on Monday 11-14. We are taking the Lufthansa flight from Denver so there is only one stop in Frankfurt. We arrive Tuesday night just before midnight and then get on the train for Taraz Wednesday afternoon which arrives in Taraz early Thursday morning.
We still have a few things to square up before we head out. It seems like we have benefited from our agency and coordinator's experience as it seems that we are progressing faster and more smoothly than some others who have been greatly delayed due to the administrative slowdowns in Kazakhstan. Thanks Ruben and Bulat.
We spent the last weekend in San Diego at Tim & Marci's wedding. It was great to see everyone again. Thanks to all for the positive thoughts and encouragement.
Kim has finished getting the last of the necessary apostilles and we should have our medicals updated and the last of the paperwork finished up just in time. I am hopeful that there will still be room to squeeze a shirt and pair of socks in my luggage after all the paperwork and stuff we need to take with us is secured.
Looks like everything is under control at Nick N Willy's, thanks to Jess, Amanda, Em, Tracy, Erica, Kristina, Stephanie and of course my mom. Kim has things under control at Asbury with a long term sub in place and there is even a page on this site named Room 102 just for the kids to keep up with our progress.
Last but not least, it looks like Coach Barnett has things under control up at Folsom. At 7-2 the Buffs look good in the Big 12 North. I see early predictions showing them matched up against UCLA in the Holiday Bowl. I am still thinking they will beat Texas again in the title game and end up in the Sugar Bowl against West Virginia. Of course I am not sure how interested young Olesya is in college football. All we know for now is that she is a big White Sox fan and enjoying the World Series victory.

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