Monday, June 30, 2008

January 13

While we were visiting today, one of the staff brought in a plastic riding car for Olesya. It was of the fire truck variety and she had lots of fun riding it back and forth and sounding the bells and whistles associated with any proper vehicle of this sort. After a while she began to tire and started to slump in her seat, but when we took her off she continued to eye the truck in the corner for the rest of the stay. I am sure she will be interested in riding again if it is still there tomorrow.
We spoke with doctor today and she indicated that the reason Olesya had been hospitalized was pneumonia. No small diagnosis to be sure, and although she seems to be over the worst part it was still troubling to learn that she had to deal with such a serious ailment. The doctor said that we should do our best to keep her warm during our visits and they brought us a space heater to help keep the visiting room extra toasty. She was attired in a shirt, sweater, vest, hat, two pairs of pants, socks and fuzzy shoes essentially everything sans a buffalo robe. The burden of clothes restricts her movement, but is probably best for now.
There are two things that I am very excited to do with Olesya when she gets home: put her in a warm place where she can get by with one layer of clothing and give her a bubble bath. I can't wait to see her splashing around in the water.
Since she had such a fun time with the fire truck this morning, I'm sure her father will buy something similar for her as soon as she gets home!

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