Monday, June 30, 2008

January 9

We arrived in Taraz on Saturday the 7th, but when we went to visit Olesya, she was sick and they did not want us to disturb her. Sunday of course is a down day so today was the first time we saw her. She was a bit unsure for a while and seemed to have a blank look, but as the time passed she became more comfortable again and was smiling and laughing a bit by the time we had to leave. She had a different outfit today as you will see in the pictures posted in the photo gallery.
We heard from a number of people at the orphanage that her spirits dropped when we had to leave, but since the court date is just over a month from the end of bonding it just wasn't possible to stay. Our court date has been moved to the 17th as the 11th is a new holiday just handed down from the president in the last few days.
It definitely boosted our spirits to be able to see her today. We were a bit disappointed that she didn't quite remember us, but we know that is to be expected. As Joe said, she definitely started perking up toward the end of our visit.
There was no lingering evidence of the cold or bronchitis that has kept Olesya in the isolation room, so hopefully with a little extra attention from Mom and Dad, she will be back up with her friends in no time. She still does not have any teeth, but has learned to make clicking noises with her tongue. Her hair seems to have turned more blond, and is starting to get longer on the sides. I was very relieved to see that it is still sticking up quite nicely on the top.

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