Monday, June 30, 2008

December 2

We had a very nice visit with Olesya today. She was happy to see us despite the unhappy note that concluded yesterday's visit. During our visit, the doctor came in and talked to us about Olesya, her development, her mental and physical state of being and general observations. We talked about the gemangioma on her left cheek so that we would be able to discuss it at Monday's Guardianship Council meeting and also at court. It is important for us to make it clear at these two meetings that we have been advised of problems that she has and that we are prepared to address them upon return to the states.
After a few chilly days, today was very nice. Sunny and clear with temperatures easily into the 50's. Not bad considering we are now in December. In the car there was a weather report on the radio which Aida translated for us indicating that the weather up north in Siberia was also very mild and that there was no snow yet. It seems that this is really an ideal time to be in Taraz as the summers see temperatures approach the 110 mark.
We had company in the visiting room this morning. A woman from Indiana and her mother are visiting their 7 month old son. It seems that they will be sharing the room with us in the 1000 time slot, so it will be nice to have the company. Olesya enjoyed the extra attention she got and was smiling at everyone. Olesya also spent a lot of time lying on Joe's chest, while he was resting on the floor. She was talking, smiling and spitting. Today I was able to hold her for her morning cat nap and then she spent some time with Daddy, dancing to the Billie Holiday cd we brought.

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