Monday, June 30, 2008

January 19

We had a nice visit with Olesya today, a little longer than the last few days and not the burden of the court date looming over our heads. She will be getting shots for another couple of days and of course this can't come too soon. It is hard to hear her scream so when they give her the injections.
It is about 10 degrees Celsius colder today than yesterday and expected to drop further in the next few days. A Siberian front is coming down and bringing with it temperatures fabled in Siberian winters. While we are too far south to be considered in Siberia, we will still get a pleasant winter chill.
When Olesya was handed to us today, her hair had been wetted and combed down in front. We were also told that the hairdresser would be coming by in the next couple of days to give her a trim. I don't think the people at the baby house appreciate her crazy hair as much as we do. I guess we'll just have to let it all grow back once we get her home.

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