Monday, June 30, 2008

January 10

Olesya seemed to know who we were today right away. She was smiling and full of energy as shown in the pictures. She seems to be using her legs much more than she was in mid December and seems a bit more plump too. We were both concerned yesterday by her relative lethargy and lack of recognition. Fortunately this appears to have largely corrected itself.
Another snowy day in Taraz. Since there is no attempt at snow removal here, even the most modest expedition to the orphanage leaves one mindful of the Donner Party and the difficulties they incurred. As we were finishing up our lunch at Cafe Istanbul, a pig was brought in through the front door minus head, skin and feet. While diners in an American establishment may find such an entrance to be indiscreet, it seemed perfectly normal here.
Happy Birthday Katie!! We tried to tell Olesya who you were, and where Illinois was, but it was hard to explain without pictures and a map.
Olesya did seem to remember us today. As soon as she was handed to me, she smiled. When I held her in a standing position, she enjoyed bouncing up and down on her legs. She was also making a lot of noises. She was quite entertaining today.

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