Monday, June 30, 2008

January 11

Olesya is still in the isolation ward, though more likely due to the absence of medical staff who are observing the continuing holidays than any noticeable ailment. She was much more vocal today than anytime in the past and at seemed to utter sounds that sounded like words at times, though this was certainly by chance. Today is the date that our court appearance was originally scheduled, but has been postponed until the 17th for observance of a new holiday. The snow stopped this morning and gave way to sunshine, though temperatures aren't likely to climb past 20.
We learned that our original driver is moving to Holland later in the month and we have been assigned a new driver. Our car has changed from a brown Nissan to a red Mazda which is the equivalent of a 626 though I am not sure if that is what it is called here as much of the back end was sheared off some time ago.
I showed Olesya a new book today called, Touch and Feel Baseball. Her favorite page was the one with the astroturf. Even on the other pages though, she especially enjoyed pointing to people's faces. She seems to be much more inquisitive than in the past, and she enjoys rolling to get wherever she wants to go.

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