Monday, June 30, 2008

December 6

Apparently Olesya had not slept very well last night because she had a bit of a cough, so when we got to the baby house, she was sleeping. When she was brought in to see us, she was a bit groggy, but perked up quickly. She was up on all fours a lot today. She did a little bit of rocking back and forth, and a lot of scooting backward - that whole crawling forward thing is a bit tricky. She was very happy and we took several pictures of her with a big smile. Since she had taken a nap earlier, she managed to stay awake for the whole visit.
Christa and her mom, Pam, have the same visiting time that we do. They also seem to be on the same schedule as far as the whole process is concerned. They have been here since November 7, and have not yet met with Guardianship Council either. We are very pleased with the help we have been getting from our agency in the states and the staff here in Taraz.
Pam and Christa told us about the Interlink office. Interlink is a humanitarian organization with an office in Taraz. They don't assist in adoptions, but they do have an English speaking staff and a collection of DVDs. So, Joe and I went there today after our visit to check out some movies and visit with some Americans. On another happy note, the humidity in Taraz is higher than in Denver (what isn't) so I have had delightfully curly hair the whole time. Which is a good thing since my straightening iron was fried by the outlet. Yes we were using an adaptor, but something still went wrong.

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