Monday, June 30, 2008

January 17

We tried making a movie today. It is about four minutes and is of Kim and Olesya reading. It is not real high quality, but the best we can attempt over this connection. It will also be posted on the photo gallery page. This is a good sampling of our daily visits. Notice the ongoing screaming in the background. They were giving shots and Olesya was also displeased when it was her turn (which was after this movie was shot).
Our court date is still schedule for 1500 tomorrow. We are certainly hopeful.
Olesya's doctor came in today and told us that she will get six days of injections because her breathing is getting a bit raspy again. I don't know if they are worried about the pneumonia coming back or about her getting a different ailment. The doctor did say that she is sure Olesya will get much better when we take her home. So are we. I do not agree with the way these "illnesses" are handled. Just wait until she gets into the clean air of Colorado.

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