Monday, June 30, 2008

December 5

Olesya was unusually sleepy today. It was a gray rainy day in Taraz and perhaps that was a contributing factor. We did get several nice pictures of her smiling which we will no doubt share in at some point in the future, assuming another technology has not usurped photography by the time we return home. Olesya was disappointed in the outcome of the Texas game and was not amused by the many emails she saw. She is pleased however, at the prospect of redemption against Clemson in their upcoming bowl appearance in Orlando.
You may have remembered that we had a Guardianship Council meeting scheduled today for 1600. This was in place of last week's meeting which was postponed. At 1645 today, we learned that the key individual on the Council was not present and our meeting is again postponed, the date is yet to be known. It is very disheartening that the Council has chosen to act with such disregard for us. It is unclear at this time who benefits from such irresponsibility and to whom if anyone these people are accountable for their failure. We are currently at day 18 of our 14 day bonding period. It appears that the term 14 day implies no indication of the actual duration of this holding period, though it may have at some point in the past. Unlike our friend Bing Crosby, it does not appear that we will be home for Christmas.
Joe is making many pleasant discoveries about the wonderful mysteries of babies. Yesterday he commented that Olesya's skin was so soft that it almost didn't feel like real skin. Although I didn't have any real explanation for this phenomenon besides the fact that she's a baby, I did say that was why I liked giving her so many kissies. We hope that you will all be able to enjoy her soft skin soon.
We are frustrated at yet another postponement. Joe and I are getting a lot of quality time together and we are enjoying our two hours a day with Olesya. However, those of you at home who believe in God, meditate, look for "signs", or read horoscopes, we would all appreciate any good vibes you can send our way. As soon as a return date is known, we will let you know.

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