Monday, June 30, 2008

February 7

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Olesya wanted to type the update herself, but she was having difficulty getting her hands to keep up with her thoughts, so she asked if she could dictate to me.
Today was a very exciting day! Mommy and Grandma came to the baby house at 10:00. They gave my caregiver an outfit to put on me and then they got me all bundled up in my snowsuit. A lot of people waved goodbye to me. We went into the director’s office and Aida took a picture of Mommy and I standing with her. On the way out to our car, Mommy’s friend Pam knocked on the window of their visiting room to say goodbye. Aida took a picture of Grandma, Mommy and I standing in front of the baby house.
When we got to the hotel, there were many people there who were happy to see me too. We came upstairs to the room and Mommy took off my snowsuit right away. I like having only one layer of clothes on. I am pretty ticklish we found out. I played with my toys and Grandma while Mommy was talking to Daddy on the computer. I have heard that he is very anxious to see me. I am anxious to see him too.
For lunch I ate baby food carrots while Grandma had a Brisol and Mommy had a Durum at Café Bosfor. I like carrots!
After lunch Grandma babysat while Mommy walked to Gros to get more food for me. Grandma is very good at rocking me to sleep (I’ve been told). As long as I can lay on my side and pull the blanket up to my chin, I am happy.
We will be taking the train to Almaty on either Thursday or Friday, but we don’t know yet.

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