Monday, June 30, 2008

January 26

I did not do an update yesterday because I was not able to visit Olesya. The doctor from the baby house needs to accompany us at the hospital and she had to appear in court yesterday, and was not able to go with us.
Thank goodness the doctor was available today, and I was able to visit Olesya at the hospital today. The doctor at the hospital said that he would like to keep her there until Monday which will be one week that she spent there. When I got to the room that she was in, a nurse was holding her and Olesya smiled at me right away. I brought in her baseball book this time so that we could do some reading. She liked that.
While I was visiting, Aida had to buy some more diapers for me because the nurse said that the ones I left last time were too small. It doesn’t sound like the little sausage is very sick if she is outgrowing her diapers. I think the stage 3 ones that I bought will work when she is with me, but at least I have some stage 4 diapers that meet with everyone else’s approval.
Olesya only coughed once while I was holding her and her cough does sound “looser” than it did before. She is not running a fever, and she is still very alert and interested in everything that is going on.
For the next couple of days I will be visiting Olesya in the afternoon, and then hopefully next week I will be visiting her at the baby house again. I am very grateful that the doctor from the baby house is taking time from her busy schedule (she really is very busy there) to escort me to the hospital.
One week from today the court decision goes into force and we can get moving with the rest of the paperwork!

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