Monday, June 30, 2008

February 6

Well, we were hoping to bring Olesya out of the baby house today, but no such luck. The document that we need from the Ministry of Education will not be ready until this afternoon. So, we have been told that tomorrow morning will be the day. We were instructed to bring a blanket so that we will be able to wrap her up when we leave. We will do that, but as soon as we get to the hotel, we will unwrap her from everything and let her enjoy being in a few less layers.
After our visit to the baby house today, we had lunch with Christa, Pam and Nazym at Marmaris. Mom enjoyed her Adana Kebob and I enjoyed some beer after the disappointment of not being able to bring Olesya home today.
We have been told that maybe Friday or Sunday we will be able to go to Almaty, but of course who knows, until it actually happens.
Hopefully tomorrow, Olesya will be here and will be able to help with the update.

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