Monday, June 30, 2008

November 25

We had another nice visit with Olesya today. She decided she needed a short nap at about 1615 which lasted about 15 minutes. When she came back, she was ready to go again, but unfortunately our time was just about up. A lady from the Guardianship Council came by today to see the other family that shares the room with us in the 1500 slot. After meeting with them and taking a picture she did the same with us. She checked out how Olesya interacted with us and asked a few questions. She made a comment that she thought Olesya looked like me which I was happy with since that would suggest she thought we were a good match. I am sure, however, that the day will come when Olesya will not greet such an observation with enthusiasm.
Our meeting with the Guardianship Council has been set for 1600 on Monday. This means we will not have our regular visit that day. After tomorrow's visit, we will have to go two days with no contact as Sunday is a regular off day.
Olesya's favorite game is "airplane to Daddy". This game is always good for lots of smiles and a few giggles. She will play as long as Mommy's arms hold out. No worries about not getting my regular work-out, I just switched methods.
Spent the earlier part of the day like many of you probably did - shopping. We went to the Green Market - a huge outdoor bazaar. I guess kind of like a flea market. There were booths with food, electronics, fabric, clothes, shoes, toys... It seemed very crowded to us, but that was the norm. It is very confining because all of the booths are so close together. There is very little space in between. We were glad to have Aida with us, because we probably would have gotten lost inside if we didn't have an experienced guide. Again, more Christmas shopping was done - something for Dad, something for us.

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