Monday, June 30, 2008

December 3

We had another nice visit with Olesya today. We also filled out some more forms in Russian that Aida prepared for us and received another update on the medical conditions affecting Olesya which we need to relay to the Guardianship Council and again at court. It was another pleasant day in Taraz with temperatures around 50 and sunny. The air quality is not so good though as the standard way of disposing of refuse is to pile it up and burn it. There are a myriad of such conflagrations raging about the city at any one time and combined with unregulated vehicle emissions, it creates quite a soup in the air. I have read that the officials recognize that the problem exists and it is their intention to address it at some point in the future.
Happy "Birthday" Olesya! Today she is seven months old. She didn't seem very aware that it was a special day, and spent it the way she usually does, scooting on the floor, pounding on Daddy's chest and taking a short nap. We got some pictures developed today so that we can show the court (whenever it is that we go) that we are bonding well.
Tomorrow is a holiday because it is election day in Kazakhstan. It is a presidential election, so it is a very big deal. At the suggestion of our coordinator, we will be staying in the hotel tomorrow. We prepared for this by going to Gros today to stock up on food and water (we needed to go anyway). Probably no update tomorrow, because I don't think any of you are really that interested in what time I do Tae-Bo or what movies we decide to watch. :)

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