Monday, June 30, 2008

February 9

Today is our last day in Taraz. It is hard to believe that after almost three months, I am finally moving on in the process. Olesya is still not sleeping in her crib, but I’ve got other things to worry about. We’ll worry about that when we get home. She is already very attached to her mommy though, and refuses to go to sleep if I am not within eyesight.
For lunch today, we went to Café Bosfor to eat with Christa, Pam and Nazym one more time before leaving. The weather was beautiful today, in the fifties (Fahrenheit), so Olesya just had on a light jacket and light hat, while strolling around town in the snugli. She was very happy at lunch and enjoyed the bread. Nazym was holding her for a while and they went to the front of the restaurant so that Olesya could watch the music videos while the rest of us finished eating.
Tonight, Jeanette has invited us out for dinner and then at around 11 pm, the train leaves for Almaty! Who knows how well any of us will sleep tonight.

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