Monday, June 30, 2008

February 1

Well, we still haven’t been out to get Olesya’s passport photo taken, but hopefully that will happen tomorrow. She seems to get happier and happier every day. I think she knows that Babushka will be coming soon for a visit and she will be going home soon. Today, while I was nibbling on her fingers she was laughing. I wish Joe was here to hear it. It was the best laugh she has ever done. Of course it made me laugh too. Aida has taught Olesya how to give high fives, and she did that several times also. Toward the end of our visit, one of the nurses came to give Olesya some medicine. This looked like the capsule we had bought yesterday dissolved in warm water. The nurse gave Olesya a spoonful and she took it very nicely. I hope her calm temperament carries through the rest of her childhood and adolescence. Like her mother, she is a Taurus, so I don’t know if this is possible.

The weather here today was downright balmy! About 8 degrees Celsius. Maybe Springtime is coming to Taraz. With the arrival of February comes the crazy realization that I have seen 4 different months in Taraz. It seems like I have been living here since mid November with a three week vacation to Colorado for the holidays. I am looking forward to being in Colorado for four different months.

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