Monday, June 30, 2008

December 11

Olesya was very sleepy today so much of our normal play time was deferred in favor of an extended siesta. She is sitting up by herself which is a new development. But don't worry Iris, she doesn't do it all the time. I'm sure she will still need a little help from you.
The fourth phase of Operation Guardianship Council was launched this afternoon and all were cautiously optimistic it would not be remembered alongside Barbarosa, Market Garden and other similar ventures. We were very pleased to leave this afternoon's meetings with an affirmation of our perceived parental potential and as today marks our 25th day of the 14 day bonding period, we will eventually turn our sights towards the equally elusive court date. Our Hoosier friends also concluded their Guardianship this afternoon and to celebrate we all went for dinner at Cafe Bosfor.
For all of the build-up that has been taking place over the past month, a successful Guardianship meeting is actually rather easy. They did not ask us any questions and we did not have to sign any papers or anything. We just have to send in annual reports - I think we can handle that. We all enjoyed our celebratory dinner at Cafe Bosfor. Since we were celebrating, and since he had pizza for lunch, Joe decided to branch out a bit and try something new - spagety! (that's how it was spelled on the menu) I think Aida might be a little bit apprehensive of the crazy Americans who talk a lot and like to drink beer, but she had fun too.
Olesya wanted to make sure that we wished Auntie Tracy a Happy Birthday. Even though we didn't have as much play time today, it was nice to snuggle during her nappie, and when she was awake and happy afterward, we exchanged plenty of raspberries. I'm sure she will be excited tomorrow to hear all about the Guardianship Council.

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