Monday, June 30, 2008

February 4

What a busy exciting day today! This morning I went to the central registry office with Aida and Jeanette to sign the papers necessary to order Olesya’s birth certificate and adoption certificate. After that, we went to the airport to pick up my mother. Then after that Mom and I went to lunch and then to the baby house to visit Olesya.
While we were at the airport waiting for the plane to land I met Paula who is adopting a boy just 1 day younger than Olesya. She was waiting for her husband to arrive. I was glad to see that Mom made it safely along with all of her luggage! She was very excited to be here and insisted that we start taking pictures immediately.
After flying over 8500 miles, I was very glad to arrive. I spent a total of 19 and a half hours actually flying, 2 hours and 55 minutes sitting in the planes waiting to take off, and another 6 hours waiting in various airports. The flights were all on time and uneventful. I had a fairly easy time connecting to all flights. The Frankfurt airport was the largest and the signs, though in English, were not very specific. That was the only place I had to ask directions. Taraz is a very colorful city. Many of the buildings have beautiful ironwork and pastel colors. We are taking pictures and will post some of them later.
Of course, the most exciting thing was meeting Olesya. She didn’t know what to think of me at first but quickly warmed up. I brought her some new chew toys, which she immediately checked out. She is just wonderful. We are anxious to bring her home. We should be able to have her with us all the time early next week.

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