Monday, June 30, 2008

December 14

We are coming home!
We will be flying from Taraz to Almaty on Saturday, 12-17 and then from Almaty to Denver (with a stop or two) on Sunday 12-18.
Unfortunately we do not have a court date yet, but it will be at least 5-7 days before we find out when the court date is, and that date probably won't be until some time in January. So, Joe and I have decided to come home for the holidays and then go back when we have our court date. We will miss Olesya very much during this time, but in the long run, we both thought this was the best plan. Joe and I will both come back for the court date and he will leave shortly afterward. I on the other hand, will stay about 3-4 weeks again and then bring Olesya home. It will be hard enough to leave her once, but I don't think I could do it again.
We haven't told her yet that we will be leaving, so everyone was very happy during our visit. Joe is continuing to read to her about General Sibley, and she enjoys listening to her father's voice. She sure does smile and talk a lot now. Her personality is definitely showing through.

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