Monday, June 30, 2008

November 21

Just before we were to visit Olesya, we learned she had a slight cold and they asked us not to come. Instead we were taken to the mausoleum of Balkokhand Ihgbalkhan, the great leader who died in 1267. This completed our tour of the great mausoleums of Taraz. The weather was beautiful again, much like what would be expected in Denver.
We have been assured that Olesya would be available for our visit tomorrow and we are hopeful that this will be the case. We completed our application for the Guardianship Council which will be translated by Aida (our translator) before our meeting with the council at some point next week. The council is made up of a group of persons charged with protecting the interests of the child. We are hopeful that they will find us suitable and refer a favorable disposition to the court.
Thanks to all who have contacted us offering to help with the camera cord. At this point we are hoping to get it to Larry who runs the DHL operation in South Denver and beyond.
It is a bit frustrating to not have daily visits with Olesya, but we are trying to make the best of it. We thought we would do some more exploring today. We even wandered in to a couple of electronics stores in search of a camera cord. We did see some cameras, but no accessories. If anything happens to our cell phone though, we won't have any problems finding a suitable replacement. Those are quite plentiful here.
While out sightseeing, Aida showed us pictures of her friends and family. It is good to get to know someone you will be spending so much time with over the next few weeks.
We did purchase a couple of baby bottles from the drug store because they only have cups at the Gros Market and are looking forward to feeding Olesya some juice just as soon as we can see her.

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