Monday, June 30, 2008

November 28

Our Guardianship Council meeting was postponed until next Monday. Based on the recommendation of our coordinator, we suspended the website but are continuing to update the entries so that once it can be reinstated it will be a full record.
Instead of going to the Guardianship Council today, we visited Olesya. She seemed very happy today and seems to be developing nicely since we first met. We have had a number of people comment to us that they see improvement in her overall abilities since we started working with her. This is of course very encouraging to us. We had fun playing our usual games like reach for the rattle as she is not quite ready to crawl, but clearly giving the idea serious consideration. She took her usual 15 minute nap towards the end of the visit but rallied so that we could play for a few more minutes before saying goodbye. We will be moving to the 1000 slot we learned after our visit since it was vacated by another family who has cleared all the necessary holding periods and has transitioned to Almaty before the final leg out.
The thought of having to be away from home longer than expected took some of the wind out of our sails today, but we are trying to look at it as an extension of our vacation and a chance to spend a longer period of time with Olesya. Of course our visits are the highlight of the day. Iris, she is getting very close to sitting up, but she still might need a little help once she comes home. Olesya is already a Daddy's girl. I think he gets the biggest smiles, and a walk around the room with Daddy seems to be the preferred pre-nap ritual.

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