Monday, June 30, 2008

January 16

Olesya had a quiet day today, she wasn't too much for playing. We held her a while and she took a nap. She had just received an injection prior to our arrival as follow up treatment and perhaps that had her a bit down. As a result, today's pictures are not as good as some.
If you have been following our story at all, you may remember that tomorrow was our rescheduled court date. Today we learned that it has been pushed back another day to Wednesday. This is our third assigned court date, hopefully this one will stick.
On a happier note, Olesya is getting her first tooth! I know that I kept saying that I thought she was going to get one soon, but this time I mean it - it has just broken through. That could be another reason why she was not her usual cheerful self today. That's okay though. After hearing the frustrating news that our court date was postponed, we all needed the extra snuggles.

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