Monday, June 30, 2008

February 13

WE ARE COMING HOME! All of the documents have been approved at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Astana and will be delivered to the Embassy tomorrow morning. We will be leaving Almaty with Olesya on Wednesday at 4 am (Almaty time) or 3pm Tuesday afternoon (Denver time) We will fly from Almaty to Frankfurt to Charlotte to Denver. We should arrive in Denver around 7:30 pm (Denver time) on Wednesday night!
Today was just a lazy day in the hotel room. It was a bit cooler today, so we weren’t that motivated to go outside for a walk. We will probably meet up with Sheri and Helena for dinner in the hotel restaurant a bit later.
While I am typing this update, I have iTunes playing in the background and Olesya is dancing! She waves both hands and wiggles both of her feet and bounces. She is also very excited to get home to Colorado!

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