Monday, June 30, 2008

January 14

Olesya had a good camera day today as hopefully you will agree once you see her pictures. She also had fun riding the car and sat up by herself for a long time before getting tired and slumping a bit. We are one week into trip 2 at this point and starting to think of Denver as some far off exotic locale famous for the unlikely trio of Kit Carson, Norad and Dealin' Doug. Olesya is very interested in the first two, but not too sure what to make of the latter.
Each time we read the baseball book, Olesya gets more and more excited about her first baseball game in April. Whenever she runs her finger over the astroturf page she just can't believe that people really play on that fake grass.
Since she likes riding on the car so much, we are sure that she will really enjoy walks to the park and jogs with Mommy. If Mommy still remembers how to jog that is.

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