Monday, June 30, 2008

January 27

Okay, so Olesya is still in the hospital, but what a great visit we had today! As soon as I entered the room where a nurse was holding her I got a very big smile from my very happy daughter! She was so happy to see me. She asked if I could smuggle her out, but I told her that the officials might not like that too much. As always, she was quite the social butterfly. If one of the other mothers walked by or said anything to Olesya she would look at them and smile. Olesya enjoyed talking to me, getting lots of kissies and trying to reach for the camera while I took pictures of her. I didn’t want to set her on the bed because I thought she might get upset with me or fall over, so I held her on my lap with one hand and took the picture with the other. In one of the pictures, you can kind of see the room in the background. Although Olesya looks very serious in the pictures, she would smile right before and right after I took them. Such a tease she is.
When Aida came in to take me home, the other mothers were talking to her. They told her that Olesya recognizes me and always cries after I leave. They did also say that they talk to her too. That made me feel better knowing that everyone is looking out for her. I haven’t heard any new updates, but I am still hoping that she will get to go home on Monday. It has been snowing all day today and the temperature when I was walking home from dinner was –14c. Aida said that she would call me tomorrow about a visit. If the weather is too bad we might not go. Being a new mother who is a Colorado native and is used to driving a 5 year old SUV in the snow, I can’t think of any type of weather that would be too bad to go to the hospital in, but I will have to yield to the other driver in this case. I sure couldn’t drive on these roads in the old Mazda in the snow. I am still hopeful that we will go because the snow seemed to be lightening up, but if not, at least I had a wonderful visit today.

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