Monday, June 30, 2008

January 18

Court went smoothly today.
Perhaps the most challenging part of our court experience today was navigating the ice field in front of the building in dress shoes. The room was smaller than courtrooms in the States. In one corner is a cage of rebar where more questionable characters are exiled during their proceedings. When the judge decided not to have Kim sit in the cage I realized that our prospects were good for a favorable disposition.
We are attempting to upload a 20 second movie today. The four minute version from yesterday we abandoned after 2+ hours. Hopefully it will be successful. Olesya was modeling a new outfit we brought from the States. It is size 6-9 months and she may never be able to get into it again. The pants were snug and she cried when we pulled the top over her head as the opening was too small for her head and was hard to get over her nose and ears. She will be 8 months on February 3.
Present at the court hearing were: a prosecutor, court secretary, a woman from the Guardianship Council, Olesya's doctor from the baby house, and of course Aida. The judge asked us questions about our date and place of birth, jobs, salary and who will take care of Olesya. He looked through the pictures we submitted of our home and that we took during the bonding period. After Joe and I each answered questions, the doctor from the baby house spoke and then the woman from Guardianship Council spoke. The prosecutor did not ask any of us any questions. After about 20 minutes, we all stepped into the hall to await the judge's decision. We waited for about 5 minutes and then went in to hear him read it. Thank goodness it was a favorable one.
Now we will wait 15 days for the appeal period and then all of Olesya's final paperwork can be done and we can bring her home!

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