Monday, June 30, 2008

November 26

Big news today. John & Karen (the couple that shares the room with us at 1500) had some extra banana today and gave it to us for Olesya. Kim broke it into small pieces and fed it to Olesya. We are reasonably sure that this was her first solid food. She made a lot of faces as she tried it, but as soon as it was gone she clearly wanted more. Since it was such a big hit, we will be sure to buy some bananas on our next trip to the market so we will have more available the next time we see her. Unfortunately, this won't be until Tuesday since tomorrow is Sunday and then on Monday we have the Guardianship Council. Olesya had fun today checking out the stereo which has a LED equalizer type display and also looking out the window at all that was going on in the courtyard. It was another beautiful day in Taraz, probably in the mid 50's and sunny. So far, the weather has been very mild and we have enjoyed walking around outside extensively with just a light fleece coat.
In addition to having banana today, Olesya also took her first nap in Daddy's arms. The overprotective mother in me wanted to snatch her away as soon as she started getting fussy, but Joe proved up to the task by walking around the room with Olesya until she fell asleep. At that point he did a very graceful sit down slowly without waking the baby move. He has taken to fatherhood quite nicely.

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