Monday, June 30, 2008

February 2

What an exciting day we had today. Olesya got to go on a little outing! We went to a photo store to have her passport photo taken. First though, we had to get her dressed for her first “official” picture. I brought in an outfit with a yellow fleece top and flowery knit pants. When they brought her back to me, that outfit was on her, but they also put a blue shirt underneath and another pair of pants underneath as well. She also wore her purple snowsuit, a knit hat, and a scarf around her mouth. I didn’t bring the scarf, but the ladies at the baby house insisted on it.
When we got to the first photo place, Olesya was sweating because she was so bundled up. It helped to make her hair stand up though. We couldn’t get the photos done at that store though because they didn’t do the size that was needed for the American Embassy. So, we had to go to another place. Olesya did a very nice job of sitting in the chair, but she wouldn’t look at the camera because there were so many other people to look at. The photographer had to ask everyone else to step outside so that he could take a picture with Olesya looking at the camera. I had spiked her hair for the picture, but they smoothed it down. It was a little difficult, but eventually we did get a picture of her looking at the camera. She looks very serious though. Then, we had to wait forever to have the pictures printed. Olesya was falling asleep in the car on the way back because she was so tired of waiting. She was very well behaved though and seemed to enjoy riding in the car. Even if she was so bundled up that she could barely move. For those of you familiar with the movie A Christmas Story, that is exactly what Olesya was like in her little snowsuit.
Tomorrow we will be able to start all of the necessary paperwork to get this process finished. In less than a week, we hope to be in Almaty!

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